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Nextrope is an international software development house focused on practical blockchain applications and dApps. Starting in 2015 and with clients from all over the world we are known as pioneers in the growing, decentralized eco-system.

Case studies:


Repux is a protocol level framework on which various types of immutable data can be commoditized and exchanged among different corporate and individual collectors, developers and users. The RepuX Protocol combines multiple decentralized technologies such as InterPlanetary File System (or IPFS), Sia, Ethereum and EOS.

Ivy Foundation Poland is an NGO which promotes education at world’s top universities. The organization supports most talented professional by providing specialized mentoring and a number of scholarships.

Opus is a decentralized music platform that provides a great user listening experience while also supporting the artists in a fair and transparent fashion. Opus tackles the issue of music ownership and sharing at an infrastructure and protocol level. Leveraging the speed and redundancy of IPFS and other technologies, Opus aims to deliver a smooth listening experience that is unlike traditional music services.

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